Sunday, November 21, 2010


Don't really feel like writing anything.
Here is a new video and some bobcat tracks.
Seeing this video made me really happy.


Leslie's Gone Oko said...

WOO! YOu got one on camera! what a big beautiful cat. :))) You are so lucky. We have lots of bobcats here too, i have seen tracks in the mud, and lots of people have seen the bobcats, but i have never seen one in my life.

how fun your cameras are!

jason said...

Hey Leslie,

Bobcat's really are cool. I haven't seen one either but it sure would be neat.

KB said...

Did you get one or three on camera? It looked like three to me... a mom and two young?

I'm a trail cam addict... and bobcats are just about my favorite animals to capture on my cams.

I love it!

Ashley said...

That is way cool. I would love to see a bobcat like that.

dasunrisin said...

Totally awesome!